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Great  :)

thanks :)


Neat idea @Qt01! Definitely meta with the irl mouse-click on the digital mouse, and a worthwhile comment on the absurdity of clicker games. There is no end to this game, and no point to keep clicking, but people do it all the time! I'll never understand why... Clever submission, anyways!

Thanks :)

Omg! I just wasted my time playing your stupid game. This game is absolute non-sense.

ok great job lol , nice fake account bug :)

imma cry man

I know ... this is art 

for sure :D

bro what do u mean by this game?

It is a game about clicker games , it is a joke on clicker game mechanics where you just click

Yes but where is the joke?

Well you just click on a mouse as in any clicker game so that was supposed to be the joke but it did not deliver as good as I expected , looks like it is once again a "great" game of mine :)


I think the joke is in the fact that you are clicking in the game by clicking a mouse with your mouse xD


That is the joke , you are the first that got it right BlueJackalope :)

yo dawg!

I honestly don't know what I expected from a Meta Mouse Clicker game. I got to 2700 clicks and gave up. Please tell me there isn't some ending at 10k.

lol there is no ending it is a clicker you click